Lobby at Al Ain Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



Nestled amidst the vibrant heart of Abu Dhabi, the Al Ain Palace Hotel stands as a testament to the city's remarkable transformation. Since its inception in 1967, the hotel has gracefully traversed the decades, adapting to evolving demands while retaining its unique charm. Yet, amidst the city's rapid evolution, the Al Ain Palace Hotel has remained steadfast in its commitment to preserving its unique charm and heritage.



A Legacy of Hospitality Begins

In the heart of Abu Dhabi, a landmark of elegance and hospitality emerged in 1967 – the Al Ain Palace Hotel. With 38 rooms, a cozy coffee shop, and a lively bar, the hotel opened its doors to welcome guests from across the globe, setting the stage for a remarkable journey.


Expansion to Accommodate Growing Demand

As Abu Dhabi's allure increased, so did the demand for accommodations. In 1970, the Al Ain Palace Hotel underwent its first expansion, adding a new building with an additional 66 bedrooms and two spacious banquet rooms. This expansion catered to the growing influx of guests and solidified the hotel's position as a preferred choice for both leisure and business travelers.

Luxurious Outdoor Pool in Abu Dhabi


Unveiling the Hotel's Most Popular Attraction

The addition of a swimming pool in 1975 marked a significant milestone for the Al Ain Palace Hotel. This refreshing oasis quickly became the hotel's most popular attraction, drawing in crowds of guests seeking relaxation and recreation.


Two Decade of Unforgettable Encounters

From the moment its doors opened, the Al Ain Palace Hotel became a haven for dignitaries, royalty, and discerning travelers from around the globe. Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, squash superstars Jahanjir Khan, Jansher Khan, and Rodney Martin, and countless other notable personalities graced the hotel's halls, creating unforgettable encounters that continue to be cherished.

Al Ain Palace Hotel Exterior


A Continuous Commitment to Growth

In 1996, the Al Ain Palace Hotel continued its expansion by adding six additional rooms, bringing the total number of accommodations to 110. This expansion underscored the hotel's unwavering commitment to catering to the needs of its growing clientele while safeguarding its distinctive character and heritage.


Embracing a New Chapter as a 4-Star Hotel

In 2018, the Al Ain Palace Hotel embarked on a momentous transformation, undergoing a comprehensive renovation of its facilities. This strategic move aimed to elevate the hotel's overall appeal and enhance its hospitality standards. The renovation focused on revitalizing the hotel's lobby, banquet spaces, and a portion of the guest rooms, ensuring a seamless blend of modern elegance and timeless charm.

Lobby at Al Ain Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Elegance In Every Corner


A Cherished Landmark in an Evolving City

Today, the Al Ain Palace Hotel stands as an enduring symbol of Abu Dhabi's rich heritage and unwavering hospitality. With its unwavering dedication to excellence, the Al Ain Palace Hotel continues to captivate guests with its timeless elegance and unparalleled service. Throughout its remarkable journey, the Al Ain Palace Hotel has consistently adapted to the evolving needs of its guests while preserving its unique character and heritage. It has embraced modernity while cherishing its traditions, creating a harmonious blend of the past and present.

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